Dr. J. Marvin Herndon’s neuer Artikel über Aerosol-Ausbringung & Geoengineering

Dr. Marvon J. Herndon veröffentlichte kürzlich seinen neuen Artikel mit den Titel: “Obtaining evidence of coal fly ash content in weather modification (Geoengineering) through analyses of post aerosol spraying rainwater and solid substances.” im “Indian Journal of Scientific Research and Technology (INDJSRT)”.

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Auch zu finden auf: http://www.indjsrt.com/

Aus dem ABSTRACT (Englisch)
Since the late 1990s tanker jets have been spraying particulate matter into the troposphere with no disclosure of the chemical compositions which mix with the air people breathe. Using forensic chemical methodologies, I discove red and published evidence that the main aerosolized component is coal combustion fly ash, a toxic nightmare. One of the methodologies used involves comparison of elements dissolved in rainwater, presumably leached from the aerosol particulates, with labor atory data on the water – leachate of European coal fly ash samples. Here I describe that methodology so that others can utilize and extend it. Another of the methodologies involves direct comparison of elements analyzed in solid substances with corresponding elements analyzed in coal fly ash samples. I also describe that methodology, indicate some potential materials of interest, and point out possible limitations.

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The 11th Information-Letter is online!

From the contents:
1. Call for a campaign against Geo-engineer David Keith ́s plan to spray the earth with
sulfuric acid – which has been planned for the end of 2015 – apparently as a measure against
global warming – in reality with unforeseeable consequences for life on earth, as he
himself admits! (compare to Der Spiegel, June 2015)

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A partir de los contenidos:
1. Llamamiento a una Campana en contra el plan del geoingeiero David Keith para fumigar nada menso que Acido sulfúrico sobre el planeta – planificado para finales del 2015 – que supuestametne ayuda contra el llamado calentamiento climático – pero que puede más bién tener consecuencias de ninguna manera pre-visibles para la vida sobre la tierra, como él mismo confiesa!
(v. Der Spiegel, Junio 2015)

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Dr. J.M. Herndon’s offizielles Statement zum Widerruf seines Artikels






Wie im 11. Infobrief bekanntgegeben, veröffentlichte Dr. J. Marvin Herndon am 02.September 2015 seinen bahnbrechenden Artikel “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health” im “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health” der aber am 15. September 2015 plötzlich widerrufen wurde.

Hier finden sie das offizielle Statement von Dr. Herndon zum Widerruf seines Artikels:

>>Dr. J. Marvin Herndon – public rejection<<<


Aus dem Inhalt (in englischer Sprache):

“The fact that criticism of both papers, Current Science and IJERPH , is posted on
the well-known disinformation website http://metabunk.org is evidence that the
source of the criticisms comes from an organization that consistently misleads
the public with false information about a covert program involved in spraying
toxic substances into the air over inhabited areas.”

“The author has requested the following: (1) To be allowed allowed make
revisions to said published paper, as is the normal process when errors occur;
and, (2) For MDPI AG to request the full credentials (including position and
organization) of those making complaints, and their permission to publish their
remarks so that the author might respond in print. To date, those requests have
not been fulfilled.”


Wichtige Links:

Der 11. Infobrief ist online!

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Aus dem Inhalt:

  1. Aufruf zu einer Kampagne gegen Geo-Ingenieur David Keith ́s Vorhaben der Versprühung von Schwefelsäure über der Erde.

  2. Interview von Daniel Krcal mit Claudia von Werlhof.

  3. Josefina Fraile’s (Skyguards) Bericht über die Climate Engineering Conference – CEC14  in Berlin mit dem Titel: “Klima-Ingenieure in Berlin. Staatsstreich gegen die globale Demokratie.”

  4. Wissenschaftlicher Beweis für die laufende Vergiftung der Erde von J. Marvin Herndon im indischen Fachblatt “Current Science” mit dem Titel: “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India“.

  5. Griechische Aktivisten gegen Geoengineering.

  6. Gezielt das Klima beeinflussen: Die Bundeswehr und der Bundestag auf Seiten der Geo-Ingenieure.

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