Dr. J. Marvin Herndon’s neuer Artikel über Aerosol-Ausbringung & Geoengineering

Dr. Marvon J. Herndon veröffentlichte kürzlich seinen neuen Artikel mit den Titel: “Obtaining evidence of coal fly ash content in weather modification (Geoengineering) through analyses of post aerosol spraying rainwater and solid substances.” im “Indian Journal of Scientific Research and Technology (INDJSRT)”.

>>>Dr. Marvin J. Herndon – Evidence of coal fly ash.pdf<<<

Auch zu finden auf: http://www.indjsrt.com/

Aus dem ABSTRACT (Englisch)
Since the late 1990s tanker jets have been spraying particulate matter into the troposphere with no disclosure of the chemical compositions which mix with the air people breathe. Using forensic chemical methodologies, I discove red and published evidence that the main aerosolized component is coal combustion fly ash, a toxic nightmare. One of the methodologies used involves comparison of elements dissolved in rainwater, presumably leached from the aerosol particulates, with labor atory data on the water – leachate of European coal fly ash samples. Here I describe that methodology so that others can utilize and extend it. Another of the methodologies involves direct comparison of elements analyzed in solid substances with corresponding elements analyzed in coal fly ash samples. I also describe that methodology, indicate some potential materials of interest, and point out possible limitations.